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CLIENT: Act of Communication

PROFILE: Led by Katherine James and Alan Blumenfeld, Act of Communication is the leading litigation consulting firm in the United States. The firm specializes in witness preparation as well as on-going CLE education for attorneys. Their primary method of delivery is in-person consultation and live workshops. Since 1977, the founders have brought state-of-the-art trial communication skills to over 30,000 attorneys and their witnesses. As professionals who make a living in film, television and theatre, their unique value proposition is to teach the techniques found in acting and apply them to the legal industries to improve trial and litigation skills of attorneys.

CHALLENGE: Although, their services were in high demand, all primary services of the firm were delivered by the two founders in a live environment limiting their scale as monetizing capabilities were directly dependent and limited by their personal availability.

SOLUTION: Utilizing available technology platforms, we sought to monetize their services without requiring addition live in-person time. As a result, we recommended producing a series of workshop and consultation videos that could be sold online via streaming and Ecommerce. We also recommended the delivery of key in-person services via video conference minimizing travel time of the founders. And now, the firm has a series of videos that are sold online and is actively providing some of its key services via video conference.

EIGHT HORSES DELIVERABLES: Consulting, Video Production, Development of an Online School, Development of an Ecommerce Store